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Our Story


Our mission is to #SpreadLove within ourselves, families and our communities. We hope to share the message that self-love leads to loving others, in hopes that love itself becomes contagious.


By cultivating a sense of community we hope that our message will indeed Spread. Our focus is to develop events within the community, which include our local garden, schools, park districts and community businesses.  At these events we will be offering teens and young adults opportunities to build their community service portfolios that will help them get into college and beyond. Our goal is to bring in revenue where part of our proceeds will benefit our community.  We hope that by attending or being part of or events our local families will leave with the uncontrollable urge to “SPREADLOVE”. We hope that within our movement our fans will find meaning in our custom apparel, created by Kaila Designs, therefore bringing in further revenue.

Our Team



Elena is a proud mother of  four. She has lived in Chicago for 18 years. Elena has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Graphic Design and is extremely creative. After attending Western Michigan University for four years, she moved to Chicago to pursue further education. She joined the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) to turn her talents into a career. With the assistance of late Johnny Velez, she launched what has become a very successful graphic design and printing business, better known as Kaila Designs. As founder of Kaila Designs, Inc. she is committed to the success of her clients and plans to implement her creativity to bring change and positivity to her community.


Social Media

Mikaila is a Senior in high school. She plans to attend a 4 year university to further her studies in Bio-Chemistry.  Along side her mother Elena, Mikaila plans to apply her knowledge of social media to help market and promote all community events and also to act a teen liason to encourge other teens to volunteer and join our mission.



Veronica also serves as our Community relations specialist. She is a proud wife and proud mother of two. She has lived in Chicago for well over 20 years. Throughout those 20 years she has become very much involved in her community, connecting people and cultivating relationships with individuals, and other organizations. She has made it her life's purpose to find a way to help. She is part of the 25th District Police Department, as a Beat Facilitator, Garden leader with Neighborspace a non for profit community garden organization, LSC Local School Council member and as of recent a member of the 31st ward zoning community. All this involvement has brought her to want to make a difference not only for her family, but also in her community simply by Spreading love with the products and events that she offers. 



Amador is our free-spirited T-Rex Mascot. He comes out to play when he receives an invitation to dance. He has participated in school dances, park district celebrations, block parties and dance recitals. Amador looks forward to dancing with the children at your next event. Visit our facebook and youtube to check him out. Contact

for booking.

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